It has now been a few weeks since the workshop that Claire Orange presented on Social and Emotional Learning; we have had time to reflect and contemplate the responses we received from participants, and garner our thoughts in order to feed back to everyone involved.

There was an overwhelming response of gratitude from those who heard her speak on Friday 28th September; people have commented about how her content resonated with them at so many levels, and changed the way they will conduct therapy for ever!

Claire made people feel extremely special, and they left with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, but still with a desire to hear more!

Instead of summarising the event, we thought it best to provide you with the take-home points that participants gleaned from the workshop.

Here are a few:

  •      The importance of emotion regulation and mental health in learning and life success
  •      The brain function and practical strategies to help children engage.
  •      We need to model better for parents and coach parents in using simple strategies to help with kids’ emotional development
  •      Practical, child-relevant strategies
  •      Self-care is just as important as caring for our clients
  •      Valuable resources and strategies to utilise in therapy.
  •      Resilience learning and failing positively
  •      The knowledge, insights and skills discussed apply to every client I see and to all areas of my life.
  •      The role SP’s play in support emotional and social well being
  •      Planning activities appropriately based on differences in gender
  •      Addressing parent concerns about client’s emotional regulation and social skills (especially concerns that are out of SP scope including bullying and teasing- now I can provide Claire’s PDFs and provide a starting point for parents)
  •      The ideas/strategies about bullying were really useful.
  •      The importance of diet, sensory input and complimenting specific actions were other great tips/tricks.
  •      A child cannot learn if they are not first emotionally regulated.
  •      Great to reinforce the neuro background and attachment related to SEL development – makes me want to step some of my work ‘back’ a bit
  •      Trauma, and how it directly impacts our behaviour and regulating our emotions.
  •      The importance and impact of emotional state on our sessions. Great resources to follow up.

The overwhelming message that emerged throughout the feedback process was that Claire was able to “dig deep” and give us the science behind children’s emotional responses and behaviour; she encouraged us to laugh and learn (sometimes at the same time) and she challenged us to make a difference in the lives of the children we work with.