Our Story

Jaimi-Lee and Jenny worked together for many years in private practice, and during that time, they developed a strong professional bond. They share the same passions and the same values regarding targeted and evidence-based intervention for all children with language and learning disabilities. They are a great ‘fit’ together, and have decided to unite once again as ‘Bespoke Education and Training Pty Ltd’ to give traction to some of the professional learning areas that are sometimes overlooked within people’s busy schedules.

Operating in schools, government services, and the private sector, Jaimi-Lee and Jenny have worked alongside many professionals who have a strong desire to advance their skills in order to deliver high quality services to the individuals and families they support. As a team, Jaimi-Lee and Jenny closely examine current research together, and negotiate with leading professionals to identify key areas of professional interest and “gold standard” approaches for professional learning.  

Bespoke Education and Training believes in supporting lifelong learning, and creating affordable, practical opportunities for professionals, parents and students who are involved in the language and learning arena. Their aim is to make a difference when working with children who experience communication difficulties and who present with multifaceted needs. It is to empower individuals with the knowledge and practical skills to manage complex and challenging issues with confidence and inspiration. It is to bring theory to life!

Our Approach

Bespoke Education and Training was developed to provide affordable, evidence-based and targeted professional learning for health professionals and educationalists. It is vital that everybody working in the world of language and learning understand the needs and best supports available for their students. Research is constantly challenging us and extending our thinking; our practice must reflect current theory, but it is difficult to stay abreast of all the changes occurring in our field of knowledge. Bespoke Education aims to make continued learning accessible. It targets the functional needs of professionals in Western Australia and, through building their knowledge and skills, promotes better outcomes for all.

The role of Bespoke Education and Training is to:  

  • Identify specific areas of interest and need in the community
  • Harness the expertise of experienced professionals in Western Australia
  • Provide education in a variety of formats such as workshops, presentations and case studies
  • Ensure content is evidence-based and targeted to the needs of the audience
  • Engage students and early career health and education professionals in continuing learning to support them as they embark in new demanding, yet exciting opportunities

Bespoke Education and Training welcomes feedback and advice regarding specific topics that individuals would be interested in learning about.

Although they are both Speech Pathologists, Jaimi-Lee and Jenny are mindful that children with language and learning difficulties require a holistic approach to management, and as such, their aim is to represent all aspects of child development including:

  • Language
  • Behavioural
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Cognitive

Jaimi-Lee and Jenny will endeavour to engage with professionals in the community at intervals throughout the year and use the data to select topics in high demand.

They will draw on local and interstate speakers, and make events as cost effective as possible, using local venues with free parking and providing simple but delicious catering. Printing will be kept to a minimum.

Our Founders

Jenny Baker is a speech pathologist with extensive experience in language and literacy development. She operates a busy private practice with a strong focus on the assessment and intervention of students with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia. In addition, Jenny works with 4th year Curtin University students, teaching them about theoretically sound and empirically researched practices underpinning the assessment and intervention of literacy skills. She is an advocate for the vital role Speech Pathologists play in the research based diagnosis and remediation of learning difficulties.

Jaimi-Lee Jefferies is a speech pathologist with a postgraduate certificate in autism diagnosis.  She leads a private practice where she utilises her extensive experience working with children and adolescents with autism, language delay and literacy difficulties. With an interest in speech, language and literacy development, she works closely with many other professionals including psychologists, teachers and occupational therapists to create holistic approaches to client care. She is passionate about supporting families and individuals in functional ways to achieve their social and communication goals. Inspired by a strong belief in life-long learning, Jaimi-Lee regularly provides mentoring and learning to other professionals.